BrainPET is a PET system for human brain imaging, developed by the Crystal Clear Collaboration members: Julich, Aaachen and CIEMAT.

It is composed of monolithic detector blocks with the following characteristics:

Main characteristics

  • Continuous LYSO:Ce scintillator crystals
  • Light readout by Hamamatsu S8550 APD matrices

Advantages over pixelated designs

  • Larger active volume (as fraction of total volume)
  • Simpler geometry and mechanics, custom shapes
  • Continuous coordinates of interaction
  • Lower cost

Principle of operation of a single block

  • The sum signal from all pixels is proportional to the total energy deposited on a crystal
  • Pattern of light distribution on all pixels determines the "point of entrance" of each incoming photon
  • Neural Network (NN) supervised-learning algorithms are used for sets of possible angles of incidence.

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