The Crystal Clear Collaboration (RD18)

The Crystal Clear Collaboration, also known as "Crystal Clear" or "CCC" was created in 1990 and approved by the CERN Detector Research and Development Committee as RD18 in April 1991, with the objective of developing new inorganic scintillators suitable for crystal electromagnetic calorimeters of LHC experiments. You can read more here.

Scintillator galery


Since then, Crystal Clear is active in academic and applied researches on scintillating materials and on novel ionizing radiation detecting devices, including readout electronics and data acquisition, for particle physics and medical imaging - such as positron emission tomography, single photon emission computed tomography - and on the development of medical imaging prototypes. You can read more here.

Crystal Clear is involved in:

  • Investigation of scintillator materials for high energy and nuclear physics, astrophysics, dark matter search, beam diagnostics, medical imaging and other industrial applications.
  • Development of new crystal production methods (micropulling down, ceramics etc.).
  • Development of ionising radiation detectors in particular high energy physics and medical and is working in close collaboration with industrial partners and experts in crystal growing, solid-state physics, defects in solids, optics, etc.

Crystal Clear is also the initiator of the series of international conferences on scintillators and their applications known as SCINT conferences.